A Window to Shangri La

I took a walk around the lake and the small village that lies adjacent to the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery.

It is a small village with very old houses and half torn down structures, but also with new housing projects and construction sites.

I was immediately fascinated with the Tibetan architecture style and the beautifully adorned doors, gates and windows. Like a window to Shangri La and the Tibetan culture.

Xiaojiezi is a village developed by the merchants from the Qing Dynasty, where nowadays 57 families with about 138 inhabitants live.

In the history, Xiaojiezi and Congguling Village both were the important posts and distribution centers in the Ancient Tea-Horse Road from Yunnan to Tibet, known as Sigequdan (Gold Pagoda).

Building styles and ethnic elements tell the story of the ancestry of the permanent residents including Tibetan, Han, Naxi, and Bai people.