Agbogboza Festival – The King’s Shoes

The festivities during the Agbogboza Festival itself are a celebration of the Ewe culture, when all the Kings of the Ewe come together once a year in Notse, Togo. You can see all the Kings wearing the most beautiful patterns and colors in their finest traditional dresses, which is called Kente. To weave the Kente, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills, because every pattern tells a story, every color has a meaning. Black represents Africa, red represents the blood of the forefathers, yellow stands for gold and green for the forest. There are certain patterns, for example the Puduomma, which means ‚you must practice patience in everything that you do‘ or the Baako mmu man, which has the meaning ‚It takes two to council. One man cannot rule a country‘.

The Kings also proudly wear golden jewelry: Rings depicting animals, heavy necklaces and gold crowns. Some even wear multiple heavy necklaces with handcrafted and painted pearls. And let’s not forget about the shoes – they may look like weird flipflops, but the slippers have so many different designs, shapes and adornments and round up beautifully the whole attire.

I also loved seeing the Kings arriving on their motorbikes!