Bundeskanzleramt – A Place of the Powerful

Bundeskanzleramt – A Place of the Powerful

On normal days, this place is owned by power, politics and authorities.

I had the chance to walk through the Bundeskanzleramt on a lonely Sunday afternoon. I was allowed to walk through seemingly deserted rooms, galleries and halls and inhale the atmosphere of the conference rooms of our Chancellor and Ministry.

It felt impressive. It felt powerful. Imagine all the people that these halls greeted, housing the problems of our country, of the world, of our time.

What I saw in structure and design fascinated me. Celestial appearing open halls, large windows with bright light shining through. Minimalistic designs and interior. An intriguing place of order, neatly arranged still life, almost sterile.

I approached this moment with curiosity and left with a lot of respect for the responsibility this place carries.