Christopher Dennis – Being Superman
It is easy to judge a book by its cover. If you stroll around Hollywood Blvd you will see many different Hollywood Characters.

The most famous one is the Superman. It is not just any Superman, it is THE Superman. The one who was the first to pose with fans and tourists for tips. That was 25 years ago.

Hamburg Noir – The Port Chapter

This is the second part of my new Noir Series. The pictures show naval scenes in the port as Double Exposures. The big ships, luxury liners, lights of the industrial areas, urban structures, busy reflections on the water.

The Desert – Chapter I

This is a series of haunting photos I took during my road trips through the deserts of California and Arizona. I love the abandonment, the proud Americana. The vast, the open, the empty. The freedom, the heat, the sound of the silence in the desert.

The King
The heavy and beautifully handcrafted wooden door to a modest home in Ludwigshafen opens and The King greets me with a warm and friendly smile.

Welcoming and down to earth – Togbe Ngoryifia Cephas Kosi Bansah invites me to come in and have a coffee in his kitchen.

Circus Roncalli – Good Times

The flavor of Popcorn is blowing through the historic circus wagons – probably every other text about the visit to a circus starts with these words. I am smiling, but it is the first thing that I am sensing, too.

Anatoli – A Clown

By Blood a King, by Heart a Clown – Alfred Tennyson

I met Anatoli last year at Circus Roncalli while they were touring in Hamburg. I was working on my longterm photo project.

Downtown – The LA Noir Series

Darkness. Homelessness between faded glory and neon lights. Marquees as last remains of Broadway’s more glamorous times. Abandonment and adherence of the old world of cinema. This district once had the highest concentration of movie theatres in the world.

Shangri La Streetphotography

It is a different feeling to walk the streets of Shangri La – less touristy than Lijiang Old Town and people are actually living more in the open. More visible to people like me, wandering around to capture the daily life of people living in the city.

I took a walk around the lake and the small village that lies adjacent to the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery.

It is a small village with very old houses and half torn down structures, but also with new housing projects and construction sites.

Street Photography: These streets of the ancient city of Lijiang Old Town are filled with tourists. Most of the time you see people shopping or putting a lot of effort in creating selfies with their iPhones.

But every now and then when you leave the crowded main streets, you will

Architecture of Lijiang Old Town: The Old Town is a well preserved city of ethnic minorities in the Yunnan Province of China. Lijiang is located on a plateau about 2400 meter above sea level and surrounded by the Lion Mountain in the west an the Elephant and Golden Row Mountains in the north.

The Old Town was built in the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty and has a rich history of more than 1000 years. 

Blue Moon Valley: According to a Naxi legend, when the ancient Lijiang River was flooded, The Male God and the Female God ferried to the land on the White River using first a raft an then changed the raft into a diamond plate that was shining like a blue moon. The legend of the eternal blue moon has been handed down, that’s how the lake got its name. 

Ganden Sumtseling Monastery

Early in the morning, just about after 7am when it was still quiet in the city, I found myself climbing up the stairs to the monastery. An exhausting walk without having breakfast or coffee. My eyes were focused on the way up the big stairwell and with every step I took, I felt like

The Custom Life of the Small Nambas on Malekula, Vanuatu

This is the photo set I submitted to the China Folklore Photographic Association for the Humanity Photo Awards 2015.

Over 7,000 qualified sets of photos of 4,171 participants from 115 countries and regions have been reviewed.

The set was honored with a HPA Documentary Award last week in Shangri La, China.

Hey guys – I am back from my trip to China for the HPA Documentary Award and will be posting more photos soon.

I had been invited by the China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) to receive the Humanity Photo Award (HPA) in the Documentary Category in Shangri La for a photo documentary I did last year about the Small Nambas in Vanuatu. The HPA is hosted in cooperation with the UNESCO.

More than 7,000 qualified photo sets from more than 4,000 photographers out of 115 countries had been submitted.

Dongba Valley: Lijiang is not only the corridor between Yunnan and Tibet, but also an important living area on the Ancient Tea-Horse-Road. It remains strong national characteristics and wonderful natural landscape.

It is a perfect symbiosis of nature and human, art and life, spiritual and material.

Generations of Naxi people live here and they have accepted other minorities‘ cultural traditions, forming a unique flavor of Naxi culture. 

Circus Roncalli – Behind the Curtain

What an indescribable feeling it is, walking barefooted on the canvas cover that lies on the saw dust in the manege while left and right artists are stretching and prepping for their show. The atmosphere is easy, music is playing in the background and the artists are focused on their work but also chatting away with other artists. You hear all kinds of languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish and many more.

My smile is getting brighter

I love to experiment with Double Exposures during the night. The challenge is to compose your subjects to one frame before you take the picture – with regards to the urban lights that changes the perception of the area during a long exposure.

A couple of years back when I shot the photos such as Metropolis, Hollywood Geisha, Art and Whiskey Love with my Canon 1D Mark III I did not have a

Recently I went on a little boat tour through the port of Hamburg. It was amazing to see the industrial areas from the water side. I was immediately drawn to the cranes that define the skyline in our Urban Landscape. Some of us have gotten so used to that they don’t see the beauty of this Cityscape anymore.

Street Art has evolved to so much more than Graffiti. Stencils, Murals, Propaganda style imagery and Graffiti: Street Art is found all around the world, expressing Freedom of Speech, Political Motivation or telling the History of Heritage.

With the big names such as Banksy, Mear One, Obey, Alec Monopoly, Retna, J.R. and many more, Street Art has become a powerful voice in our cities.

I am not the biggest fan of overly photoshopped photos or heavy HDR looks. There are many ways to have your sunset shot look great. Most of the photographers I know work with gray filters and gray filter everything.


I just really love County Fairs – not because of the food or because of hopping on the thrill rides.

As soon as it gets dark and the lights start to sparkle in the night, I set up my tripod and capture the moving rides that fly through the darkness.