Impressions from the Shangri La Market

Shangri La Market Impressions: I have never been to a market like this one in Shangri La. I have seen pictures in magazines and on TV, but I have never experienced myself the whirlwind of impressions overrunning you while being at such a place. 

The different smells of spices, veggies, fruit and even people. The curiosity that bugs you to find out what some of the foods are or are made of.

Also the smell of blood and flesh from freshly slaughtered animals on site, the smell of excrements and fear of the stressed animals in boxes and cages.

To see this treatment of living animals in small cages, boxes or bowls as being a normality, some afflicted with disease or injury, just to feed the human desire to eat meat – I felt awful.

The first time in my live I realized how thankful I should be that I live in a country where I (most of the time) have the luxury of a choice of what kind of meat I want to eat. I can chose if I want to eat a chicken that lived on an organic farm or if I want to have a processed and industrialized product based on chicken or whatever meat I wish to consume.

I am not an activist per se, but I am a firm believer in animal welfare. We should treat our animals right, no matter what. If not for the sake of the animal’s soul, then at least for the sake of your own health in the correlation of what you are getting fed by the industry.

Putting my meat issue aside – it has been an interesting experience to walk around this place. To watch and observe the busy merchants and how people live their daily routines on the markets from their shops or sales booths.

Here are a few scenes from the street.