Lijiang Old Town Street Photography

Street Photography: These streets of the ancient city of Lijiang Old Town are filled with tourists. Most of the time you see people shopping or putting a lot of effort in creating selfies with their iPhones.

But every now and then when you leave the crowded main streets, you will walk in less frequented alleys and feel the rich history of this town. Local minorities dressed in their beautiful costumes live and work here.

The elder people taking care of the young ones, carrying the offspring on their backs.

Little family businesses of silver smiths, weavers or leather goods and textiles characterize the picture of the streets of Lijiang.

The air is infused with aromas of the food stands, bakeries and families that cook in front of their shops.

Music of the drum shops filling the air accompanied by the loud chatter of busy people and tourists.

Lijiang Old Town is perfect for Street Photography. I am always drawn to the random scenes of daily life of other cultures. I have spent many hours walking around, listening and just watching, looking for little details, finding rare moments of life and having encounters with foreign cultures.