Fetishes on the Voodoo Market

I visited the Voodoo market in Lome, Togo while traveling through Ghana and Togo with King Cephas Bansah. We went to the market on our way back from Togo to Hohoe, Ghana.

 Christopher Dennis – Being Superman
It is easy to judge a book by its cover. If you stroll around Hollywood Blvd you will see many different Hollywood Characters.

The most famous one is the Superman. It is not just any Superman, it is THE Superman. The one who was the first to pose with fans and tourists for tips. That was 25 years ago.

I recently traveled through Ghana and visited the Fishermen at the Port in Nungua, Accra early in the morning. This place gets busier with every hour. A great place to take photos and to feel people, their culture, their work, their life.

A Seafarer’s Anchorage Ground

A warm place, a sanctuary, a little treasure nestled in the middle of the buzzing terminals of Altenwerder, Tollerort and Burchardkai – surrounded by the noises of the busy Autobahn and reloading of containers from all around the world.


I have been two nights at the famous Pulverfass Cabaret in St. Pauli. I had a wonderful time spending a couple of hours with the La Grande Olivia Revue backstage, documenting the transformation and preparations, sharing an unique moment before the show. They have a big heart and a lot of love and respect for each other.

The Pursuit for Happiness – A Smile can change your World

In late 2013 I saw a documentary about Vanuatu, a country which I had never heard of before. A country that was voted twice the happiest place on earth according to the Happy Planet Index. From that moment on I knew I wanted to travel to Vanuatu to find out what it is that makes people happy.

The King
The heavy and beautifully handcrafted wooden door to a modest home in Ludwigshafen opens and The King greets me with a warm and friendly smile.

Welcoming and down to earth – Togbe Ngoryifia Cephas Kosi Bansah invites me to come in and have a coffee in his kitchen.

Circus Roncalli – Good Times

The flavor of Popcorn is blowing through the historic circus wagons – probably every other text about the visit to a circus starts with these words. I am smiling, but it is the first thing that I am sensing, too.

Shangri La Streetphotography

It is a different feeling to walk the streets of Shangri La – less touristy than Lijiang Old Town and people are actually living more in the open. More visible to people like me, wandering around to capture the daily life of people living in the city.

Dongba Valley: Lijiang is not only the corridor between Yunnan and Tibet, but also an important living area on the Ancient Tea-Horse-Road. It remains strong national characteristics and wonderful natural landscape.

It is a perfect symbiosis of nature and human, art and life, spiritual and material.

Generations of Naxi people live here and they have accepted other minorities‘ cultural traditions, forming a unique flavor of Naxi culture. 

Circus Roncalli – Behind the Curtain

What an indescribable feeling it is, walking barefooted on the canvas cover that lies on the saw dust in the manege while left and right artists are stretching and prepping for their show. The atmosphere is easy, music is playing in the background and the artists are focused on their work but also chatting away with other artists. You hear all kinds of languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish and many more.

My smile is getting brighter