The Architecture of Lijiang Old Town

Architecture of Lijiang Old Town: The Old Town is a well preserved city of ethnic minorities in the Yunnan Province of China. Lijiang is located on a plateau about 2400 meter above sea level and surrounded by the Lion Mountain in the west an the Elephant and Golden Row Mountains in the north.

The Old Town was built in the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty and has a rich history of more than 1000 years. 

Ever since Emperor Kubla Khan set his reign here, Lijiang became the political, educational and cultural center in this area, developing an important role in the trading activities among Yunnan, China hinterland, Tibet, India and other Asian countries.

Thanks to the multinational culture, especially of the Naxi ethnic minority, the architectural parts implement the best parts of Han, Bai and Tibet into a unique Naxi style: an almost free-style layout with an affectionate attention to decoration and planted gardens in between the meandering streets with timber and mud brick houses along the famous water ways.

In 1997 Lijiang Old Town became an UNESCO World Heritage Site.