The Fishermen of Accra

I recently traveled through Ghana and visited the Fishermen at the Port in Nungua, Accra early in the morning. This place gets busier with every hour. A great place to take photos and to feel people, their culture, their work, their life.

In the middle of the night, men go out on their wooden boats to fish. In the early morning hours they start coming back from the sea. The port is a busy place where boats are handcrafted and repaired, where nets are folded back together and checked. Young boys transport the heavy loads of fish on their heads from the boats to the merchants. Their pay is a handful of fish from the load for each transport. You can see in their eyes the concentration, the exhaustion, the strength and the will that is empowered by hunger.
Plastic is everywhere: The trash on the beaches is washed up from the big container ships offshore that are illegally unloading their waste. This causes a huge problem for the environment and the communities. In this toxic environment, people are living and working, cooking and raising their kids.
I met this boy who wanted to show me the fish he caught. He was very proud of it and posed with his friends. He really touched me when he told me he was hungry. This kid growing up will need much more to eat that a little fish.